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Sunil Gurjar Sabal Bharat

Sunil Gurjar Sabal Bharat

With high unemployment rates in India, the government has tried to increase the employability of individuals with skills and training. This is generally carried out with the assistance of NGOs and various organizations in an effort to reach maximum beneficiaries. However, the problem with such initiatives is the large number of fraud NGOs that mushroom and take advantage of this development. As a result, many impoverished and deprived sections of society end up being defrauded.

The modus operandi of such NGOs is pretty simple. Make a grand announcement of some initiative and claim to offer assistance to the weaker sections of society. Link the program to some government initiative. Collect a small amount from unsuspecting individuals towards some charges and do not offer any positive results. Showcase a few success stories of individuals who have been benefited and repeat the cycle with a fresh batch of people who have passed out. The success stories are often of people known to the organization and are unverifiable. As a result, people believe every single claim made by these organizations and end up being defrauded.

One such NGO is Sabal Bharat, an organization that has been operating since 2016 from Jaipur. The founder of the NGO has a very dubious past. Sunil Gurjar, the founder of the organization has been embroiled in many controversies. An influential person, he was the alleged conduit between Bhanwari Devi the murdered midwife and the politicians accused of having allegedly murdered her. Despite his alleged role, he managed to stay away from trouble and started this NGO in the year 2016. While the claims of the NGO sound good, they are in fact hollow and do not offer any real assistance to individuals.

The NGO conducts examinations in the guise of assisting the unemployed, but in effect, it only helps itself to the funds that are collected as examination fees to test the skills and competencies of participants. The exams are conducted in a manner that appears to be professional, but the results show the real intent of the NGO. None of the participants in the exam receive any personal intimation regarding performance or scores. The individuals appearing for the exam are informed prior to the exam that results of passed candidates will be displayed on the site.

True to the claims, the results are displayed, but the results are only of a handful of examinees, while the performance of others is never displayed. The whole idea behind this examination is to collect small sums of money from gullible individuals and leave them high and dry without any useful purpose. Till date, the NGO has not benefited any beneficiary but has only defrauded thousands in the guise of helping. A proper audit of the procedures and an investigation into the functioning of the NGO will help to unearth the truth behind the exams and the amount that has been earned this way. It is important that the public be enlightened about the activities of this scheming organization and not part with hard-earned money.

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Last Updated: 07/19/2019

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